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Ukraine Crisis

Ukraine Crisis


In August of 2021, Biblical Ministries Worldwide team members were able to help rescue people from the clutches of the Taliban. Through Afghanistan Rescue, our team was able to
  • Assist in the rescue of 9,000 people
  • Assist the dozens of underground churches
  • Deliver thousands of dollars for food and shelter
  • Resettle over 100 Christian leaders in the USA
Now, just a few months later, a new crisis unprecedented since World War II has hit Europe with the shocking Russian invasion of Ukraine.
BMW is helping the people of Ukraine and our church partners who are faithful under these extreme conditions. Together, we are providing relief in the form of food, clothing, medicine, and other necessities for life. We are also providing and answering the call for Bibles and evangelistic tools for which church leaders all across Ukraine are crying out. 

Will you give generously in this moment of Great Commission need?


Evangelists Among Refugees in Germany

More than a million Ukrainian refugees are currently in Berlin being cared for. The churches of Berlin are asking for $150,000 to supply evangelists full-time for one year. These evangelists have been identified, trained and are ready to leave their professional employment to commit one year of their lives to working round the clock to share the good news. We have already received 1/3 of this need. Will you help give the next $100,000? 

Humanitarian Aid

We need to supply every form of humanitarian aid imaginable. Food medicine, clothing, fuel. The answer to your question, “Can I help?” is yes. We have an established network that we are working with. It covers all of Eastern Europe. It's effective. It's local, it's dynamic. We are trying to raise $1,500,000 To supply every form of need to these people, every dollar that you give towards this effort matters and it will go to the needs of Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. 

Ukrainian Bibles

With the horrors of war comes a need for spiritual renewal. We are dealing with 1000s of people who are requesting Bibles. Each Ukrainian Bible costs about $6. We would like to supply 100,000 Ukrainian Bibles for a total need of $600,000. We can print and distribute those Bibles as soon as we have the funds to do so.

Report from Our Partner in Ukraine

A few days ago, Ukraine was invaded by Russia again. The Russian army is progressing and causing a lot of damage. The Ukrainian military is resisting fiercely, but due to their sheer numbers, the Russians continue to advance. Over 700.000 people have left Ukraine already. Many cities have lost the most of their population because their people are seeking refuge in the west of Ukraine, where there are less bombings.

Sixteen children were killed by a Russian shell in Kyiv yesterday. The Freedom square in Kharkiv was bombed with a missile that caused destruction and havoc in the entire city centre. The cities of Kherson and Mariupol are besieged. The city of Kherson hosts a Baptist seminary, whose members have been terrified, spending day and night under constant shellings. Our beloved Odessa is under a constant threat of invasion with Russian warships are near the port. Kiev, the capital, is under an almost complete blockade with only one route leading out of a city of 5 million people. The beautiful towns of Irpen and Bucha have been raided and shelled with fire. This list can go on and on, there is no end to the amount of tragedy that the Russian troops are causing the Ukrainian people at the moment.

The church in Ukraine is now scattered across the country and abroad.  To my joy, none of my friends and colleagues who were my partners throughout the years have moved anywhere. Every single brother and sister is now busily helping with the wounded, with the elderly, with evacuations, providing food, medicine, water, other necessary supplies to the people. Some our colleagues and friends joined the resistance forces and are risking their lives pushing Russia off Ukrainian soil.

Of course, we are in constant contact and cooperation. Our team in the region is making about forty phone calls daily to check on people, to assist and coordinate relief efforts wherever possible. Here is what is being done:
  • People are hosted in church basements in Odessa, Kherson, Mariupol, Lviv, Kiev, Kharkiv
  • Evacuation of the women and the elderly is taking place where it is possible
  • Food and beverages are being provided for those who were left without a provider
  • Medicine is provided for those who cannot otherwise access it
  • Blankets, clothes, soap, toothpaste and toothbrushes, and much more are distributed to places with high concentration of people, such as shelters and basements.
  • People are sharing whatever they have with others
  • Counseling is offered to those in evacuation who have suffered damage because of bombings and shellings
  • One brother hasn't slept in three nights working at the Kherson hospital. He is a medical doctor dealing with the wounded.
  • And much more…
Most importantly, the good news of Jesus is being lived and shared in the middle of this disaster.  Light shines in the darkness.  Darkness cannot overcome it!

We have mobilized friends in Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Poland, Romania to do whatever is possible to help the Ukrainian refugees. We can securely transfer funds to trusted people in Ukraine, who then make real time contributions to actual ministry efforts. We are able to transport goods to Ukraine through some neighboring countries.

We have established a relief centre in Odessa operated by a Baptist pastor, “Eddie." He is the only pastor of his very large, church currently remaining in Odessa and working to help his flock. Some men and women in the congregation are helping him, but the other pastors have left him. 

If you wish to contribute to these efforts, the best way at this time is to do it financially.  Please give today so that our partners throughout Eastern Europe can also give and go!