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Afghanistan Rescue Update

Afghanistan Rescue Update

Our team has successfully evacuated about 3000 brothers and sisters in Christ from Afghanistan. With many more people still needing assistance and rescue, your prayers and support are still vital!

Our strategy in this crisis has three phases: Rescue, Resettle and Reach. Many refugees are waiting to be processed in order to arrive and settle in the United States. Some have already arrived, and their stories are amazing. We are building resources for North American churches to better understand and reach Afghans and Central Asians with the Gospel!

We want to rescue believers from the horrifying conditions in Afghanistan. We want to help them resettle in safe places in the West. We want to reach out into the refugee community and back into Afghanistan with the Gospel by training and supporting rescued believers to do effective evangelism and start healthy churches in these spaces.

Afganistan Strategy

We have a twenty-year record of working with Afghans. The story continues! At the moment, our Rescue phase is still very active. There are three ways to give and to support our ongoing efforts. Please prayerfully consider partnering with us!

Virtual Run

In November, Compassion Medical hosts an annual virtual run to fundraise for medical mission opportunities. In light of our involvement in Afghanistan Rescue, a percentage of this fundraiser will be committed to the Afghanistan Rescue Project. Find out more and register by clicking the button below.

Sponsor a Family Safe House

As you can read in one of the stories below, living conditions for those fleeing the Taliban are costing lives. One family of 7 was hiding in a basement with no facilities or fans. This is just one of many similar situations. It costs about $100 per day/per family to provide reasonable living conditions and provisions for these families. Click the button below to sponsor a family.

Help Us Charter a Plane

As we have partnered with several other organizations to connect refugees with transportation out of Afghanistan, we are severely limited by plane capacities. We can only get so many of our people on a flight. The Lord opened an opportunity for us to charter a plane and crew that would allow us to evacuate up to 350 people per flight. With so many currently awaiting evacuation, this could greatly expedite our evacuation efforts. To do this, we would need to raise about 2 million dollars. We are praying for God to touch the hearts of friends, churches, and organizations to partner with us in this effort.

If you would like to learn more details and give towards this goal, please email


Testimonial 1

For a week I was in Kabul in my friend’s house. The airport was dreadful. Thousands and thousands of people came to evacuate. We couldn’t get into the airport. Due to the stress, my pregnant wife suffered a miscarriage. Thank God someone introduced me to the sister (Liz) who helped us. The Taliban were violently shooting at people and beating them around the airport. So we went to a hotel in Kabul for about 12 days, then relocated to another city for 8 days until we were finally able to board our flight.” –Daniel, Worship & Discipleship leader of the underground church 

Testimonial 2

At the beginning, we were living in hotels and had good food and everything but unfortunately our waiting period was long and we had finished all the money we had. Banks were closed or not working. It was about 99 degrees. We hid with 5 small children in a friend’s house in a basement with no fan cooler or AC for about 22 days. In the end, we all lost our hopes and were waiting for the Taliban to come and kill all of us. Then I received an email from Matthew, a volunteer, who reached out to Compassion Medical and got us on a manifest for a special flight. He and his team saved me, my wife, and my 5 children. Thank you for rescuing us. My earnest request to the people of the United States is this: Please, please donate and help to rescue many who have not yet had a chance to be rescued.-Daryosh