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Giving Tuesday

Giving Tuesday

Throughout these two years of immense challenges, God remains faithful. The work of Biblical Ministries Worldwide continues at a dynamic pace. Our missionaries are winning people to Christ, baptizing converts, planting churches, training leaders, and literally transforming communities in more than forty countries around the world. Whether on a remote island in the South Pacific, in the great cities of Western Europe, in the freezing climate of eastern Russia, or in the growing metropolitan areas of the American West, our spirit is “Healthy Churches Everywhere!”

Indeed, we sense that we are living in a special moment all across the world. The time is now to reach more people, to stretch farther, to go to “regions beyond.” Since August, our Compassion team has rescued more than 3,000 underground believers and their families from the clutches of the Taliban. We are already seeing people come to faith through this work. BMW’s work in South Africa is exploding, despite the terrible civil unrest and violence that our missionaries there endured this summer. Our newest missionaries in Scandinavia have launched an exciting church planting initiative that will bring the Gospel and healthy churches to the Nordic countries, one of the neediest places on earth. And in Utah, we are thrilled at the growth of Alpine Bible Church, a brand new church, growing in the heart of the tech boom of Salt Lake City. This work has grown to more than 200 since being planted by BMW missionaries a few years ago.

Why am I sharing all of these stories with you?

Because BMW does more with less than any mission that I know. Some of our Area Leaders who recruit, serve, and provide accountability and strategy for entire continents are surviving on 50% support. Our home office staff is stretched to the breaking point. Our people are working long hours to sustain missionaries globally. About 95 cents of every dollar that comes into the mission goes directly to the field missionary and project for which it is intended. Almost every employee at BMW is supported by faith and must raise their financial support. If we could better support our Area Leaders and add staff to our home office, we could do so much more for our missionaries.

Here’s what I am asking you to do this Christmas season.

Would you make a one-time or recurring donation in any amount to support our Home Office? Our missionaries depend on us to manage extremely complex tax situations, process funds, and provide donor receipts. We provide care for struggling missionaries. We help mend difficult marriage relationships, and we love on our missionary kids. We help our missionaries with excellent training in language learning, evangelism, and how to live and thrive in another culture on the other side of the world. We visit our missionaries in their homes. We cry with them, rejoice with them, and pray with them. We understand them, and they understand us. When they are sick or in extreme danger, we make sure that they get help. And when they grow old, we recruit new missionaries to take their place, to keep the fires of evangelism burning across the world.

The work we do at the Home Office is not glamorous, but it keeps the missionaries strong, spiritually healthy, and thriving. Our work keeps the Gospel going forward in places you’ve never heard of, but will someday know all about in eternity!

So, this Christmas season, would you please give any amount that you can, to help us go farther and do more to “Declare His Glory Among the Nations?” (Psalm 96:3) Every dollar that you send will be used wisely, with great stewardship, to help our hard-working mission and our 500 faithful missionaries see the glory of God advanced across the world through “Healthy Churches Everywhere.”

For the Harvest,

Andrew Bunnell

President, Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Other Christmas Giving Opportunities!


Support the ongoing efforts of our Compassion Medical team in Afghanistan. Our strategy is to rescue, resettle, and reach.


Support a team of BMW missionaries as they survey potential church-planting opportunities in the birthplace of our faith, Israel.


Support a new church-planting initiative in Scandinavia led by the Kaltoft family, two of BMW’s newest missionaries.


Support this amazing church-planting ministry in South Africa led by our missionaries Dave & Karin Brown.


Compassion Medical is a division of BMW focused on compassion ministries and providing medical resources to ministries around the world.

Salt Lake

Salt Lake City is a fast-growing global melting pot. Our church planters are underfunded but working strategically to advance the Gospel.