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The Story Behind Afghanistan Rescue

The Story Behind Afghanistan Rescue

Twenty years ago this month, Americans watched helplessly as the events of September 11 unfolded before our eyes. There was confusion, uncertainty, and grief. Those in government made the best decisions they could with the limited information they had. For the next 20-years, that event and many that followed would impact our daily lives and those of millions around the world.

The Bible is full of historical narratives. From time to time, God pulls back the veil to reveal a parallel, heavenly perspective to historical events. This is precisely what we have seen unfold over the past two weeks here at Biblical Ministries Worldwide. And we want to share that story.

This story also begins almost 20 years ago in Russia…..

Afghan 1

In 2002-2003, a group of Afghan refugees ended a long journey which brought them from the first Taliban occupation of Afghanistan, through Russia, to a Red Cross network in Moscow. Aid workers agreed to help them find safety in the West and first introduced them to the Gospel. The long journey next led them to Saint Petersburg where they met Andrew and Sarah who led them to faith in Christ.

Ultimately more than eighty people became believers, and a group of house churches was established. One of their group leaders, Arif, was ordained and returned to Afghanistan in 2010 to do covert church planting. His role as a government official gave him tremendous flexibility. Over the next decade, Arif would establish four local church groups across Afghanistan.

Afghan 2

Fast forward…

As the Taliban rapidly took over Afghanistan, Arif reached out to his old friend and our new President, Andrew, to ask for help in evacuating his family and a few others from Kabul. Arif and his group were being actively hunted through Kabul. After four days of work, and little success, we thought we had finally broken through and got them on a plane out of the country. Arif and his group turned up at the airport, only to be denied entry and sent home. With hundreds of people praying, we were miraculously connected with a US special forces operator who agreed to directly evacuate Arif and his group from Kabul. Less than twelve hours later, the group had been rescued and had taken off for Dubai, where they are now waiting to be processed. This miraculous story of rescue has proven to have chapter after chapter.

This story is a miracle of God’s grace. To our amazement, God has allowed this one rescue to spark many opportunities to be directly involved with evacuating a total of 30 believers and assisting hundreds more.

God’s people are responding generously as we turn our attention to these needs: Relief, resettle, and reach. Seeds planted 20 years ago among refugees in Russia bore fruit, not only to advance the Gospel through the underground church in Afghanistan but also in saving lives in this crisis today. We can repeat the process TODAY.

There are projected to be anywhere from 150,000 to 200,000 refugees landing in the USA in the coming months. We have the opportunity, through the Christian refugees we have rescued as well as those who will be reached on our shores, to make an eternal impact in one of the most dangerous and difficult mission fields of our day.

This is a call for God’s people to pray. Pray for the safety of many believers still attempting to flee as well as those who remain. Pray for provisions and relief for those who have lost everything. Pray for laborers among the refugees.

This is a call to action. Prayerfully consider partnering with BMW in the forthcoming outreach efforts. Not everyone can go, but anyone can give. Please consider giving toward the ongoing evacuation efforts. Give to provide material needs for the refugees. Give to support our Gospel outreach efforts.