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Advance Utah

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Utah is the least evangelical Christian State in America and the headquarters of the Mormon Church. Help us establish a healthy church for every community in Utah!

There are three giving opportunities in this fund:

Church in a Box

There is only 1 Christian church for every 17,000 people in Utah. Our goal is to start 5 new churches in 5 years (by 2026). A new church planter is faced with the task of spending several months to raise support for their family. Once that support is raised, they also face the responsibility of raising funds to launch the church plant.

Church in a Box provides a grant of $20,000 that enables a new church plant to acquire a sound system, chairs, printed materials, welcome counters, computers, projectors, kids classroom materials, nursery items, and more. Through your donations, we hope to see a healthy church in every Utah town.


Biblical Ministries Worldwide has been planting churches since the 1950's. As churches have aged, there comes a need for some help in revitalization. In addition, other towns in Utah have seen churches of various denominations close their doors due to a lack of pastoral support and funding. BMW has been offered the opportunity to take over some of these church buildings if we can supply pastoral support.

For many of these towns, it is the difference between having a church or having no local church to attend. Each revitalization is unique to each situation - one church may need a new roof and a new website, while another church may need to fix up a parsonage for a pastor. Either way, BMW (in partnership with R3 Ministry Network) would like to provide a $10,000 grant to 5 churches over the next 10 years to make sure every town in Utah has at least one Christian Church.

Building Funds

The Mormon church spends millions of dollars every year on building new temples and church buildings. Church planters have very limited funding for building projects. One way to accelerate the process is to offer church planters an interest-free loan to purchase land and/or build a church building.

By offering an interest free loan, it will ensure that every dollar goes toward assets for ministry. As church plants pay back the loan, we are able to free up the funds to go toward the next church plant.